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The rest does what the famous Ransom Rest does, only much simpler, and cheaper. It was a product of Lee Custom Engineering, which was never related to the Red Reloading folks. They later changed their name to Mequon Reloading then went out of business in 1988.

The base is a cast steel piece weighing about 3-4lbs. It bolts down, or C-clamps to your bench. You attach your pistol to an alloy armature by means of alloy grip plates. They bolt onto the grip-frame of your revolver, or use a dummy mag in the case of a semi-auto. They would be quite easy for a machinist to create for most any revolver, or pistol. You then set the armature down onto the base, where it makes contact in four, distinct places.

You cock and fire the gun with your own hand in an otherwise normal hold. It's free to recoil back up and off of the base as normal. You then simply seat it back down onto the base as before, where it will be in perfect alignment once again. As long as the base does not shift around on the bench, and the bench itself does not move, you will have a true picture of the gun's mechanical accuracy.

Due to the variance in fit of the magazine insert within the frame of the pistol, I would suspect some slight variation with semi-autos. Revolvers are bolted on far more securely, and it should prove every bit as repeatable as a Ransom unit.

It has inserts for:

Hi-Standard, MkI, MKII autos, S&W 39/41/52, & BHP autos

Colt J, S&W N/SB, Dan Wesson revolers

USPS MO for $125 shipped in the lower-48

Lee badge

Lee base

Armature on base

Shooters' perspective

Grip mounts
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