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Gents, I'm new here but have been a longtime member of 1911 and FAL forums. I've got several Colts, but one in particular I'm looking to sell.

It's a Detective Special purchased used (no box) but in excellent condition. I believe it is 1990's manufacture and what is referred to as the 4th model. After I bought it, I turned over to Cylinder & Slide. Work included action job, correcting endshake, new dovetailed front sight regulated for Win 158 SWCHP +P, and Spegel boot grips as documented on a C&S receipt. Work also included reblue (obviously), charge hole chamfering (obvious on inspection), and may have included turning the barrel back one thread. I know this was discussed over the phone. I believe the separate Visa receipt would confirm it had I not burned it in the dead of a moonless night to prevent the knowledge of the exact amount I spent from falling into the wrong hands.

I also have one speedloader, a Burke belt holster (nice, but dovetail sight can catch on it), and an Alessi ankle holster, along with the original Colt rubber Compac-style grips. There are a few nits to pick: the blueing is a bit more matte in some places than others and the left Spegel panel could use a tad more fitting to remove a small gap at the bottom of the frame (it’s never bothered me enough to mess with).

I¬íve put about four boxes of standard pressure ammo through it. It has been carried occasionally in the Alessi, but both gun and holster are in excellent condition. Asking $820 for everything shipped to CONUS FFL. High resolution (about 500k each) pics on request. Please contact via e-mail at [email protected]

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