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Gold Cup Commander, SAA?

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Hey, there, Mr. SAA,
What's the word on the GCC? Any chance of a picture of yours or one of these? Read some new reviews of new Colt .45 autos, "on another station," and they were all very good. What are your - and anyone else that would like to voice an opinion's - thoughts on the new LW Commanders?
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I don't have a digital camera so I can't post a picture, but I am totally impressed with this gun. Since they were a limited run in the early 90's, they are hard to find and consequently you can pay anywhere from $950 for a heavily used one on up to $1500. I paid $1200, and if I didn't really want one badly, I'd say it was too much. But...This is my favorite 1911. It is well put together. I don't know if they are all this well done, but mine is nice. More importantly, it shoots like my full sized Delta Gold Cup. I like the configuration of the Gold Cups with the full serrated top strap and the Elliason rear sight. They just look like a classic IMHO. If the pin in the sight goes, I'll use a drill bit that fits snug and be set to go.

Having said that, it still is not in my opinion the best for concealed carry. Those sights are just a little too sharp, and the frame is a little too heavy for me. But for holster carry and just plain fun shooting, it is tops for me, and it will still work for concealed carry if I need it.
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