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Gold Cup or SS Lwt Commander Quandry

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I recently traded away a SS Lwt Commander XSE. It was going to be the basis for a mildly custom, working carry gun. Ever since it left, I've had trader's remorse. I'm so twisted about it that I'm thinking about trading back into it, using an older and visibly used, ain't no safe queen, 70 Series Gold Cup. I'm into them for about the same dollars, I think. Am I nuts, and if so, does it really matter? The Gold Cup just sits in the safe, and I'd at least fondle the Commander regularly. And I do have a pristine 70 Series Gubment sitting in the safe, just in case I get the urge for full-size. Thoughts?
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looks to me like you want someone to talk you into one or the other when deep down you already know that you like and want the commander more than the gold cup.
I'll flip a coin for you.................. Tails, the LWC wins.

Yer' welcome.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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