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I don't think there really was any differerence except for the advertising and how they were "presented"(marketed)
As we know, both Colt and High Standard , back in the "old days" had many of their guns used in competition at the 'National Matches, held at Camp Perry every year.
Many of the armorours. builders of these 'competition' guns, informally called "match" guns, carried over to the gun companies most represented, Colt and High Standard, yes, I know there were a "few" other" but who always "won"?
Now comes their "offerings" of "match" grade guns to the general public ,along with the ones still being built by the 'military' armorours.The early (mid) 60's saw the Colt 'National Match' in the brown/yellow box, soon followed by the white/red/gray box and both were 'National Match', , there was a 'trophy' on the cover of the box and some time later, the "words" Trophy/Gold Cup were included in this labeling. Again, Colt had their .45 National Match Gold Cup and High Standard , had their .22 lr Supermatic Troiphy, then 'militay' Trophy.

This competion for the "matches" was very important and a 'highlight' for the gun companies. Many 'features were added in the later years , that 'custom gunsmiths would do almost 'automatically to any and ALL 1911 Colts that came out of the factory. Later years found COlt trying to also put these on their guns , better sights, cutouts on the slides 'ejection' port, bushings, triggers ,etc but they still were "redone" to try and "make better". Well I still have a 60's vintage National Match, a 4 digit number ,under #10,000 (called 'thin slides') and it is completely "stock", out of the box, "as is" and it is capable of shooting ONE hole (cloverleaf) groups in a 'match'. It cannot be "improved" on....................

Now today , it has 'evolved' into "race guns"...........

Here is my National match and for comparison , a 'National match' built by "springfield in the mid 60's for Camp Perry , and sold at the 'National Matches".......

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