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This Colt Single Action Army revolver in .38 special has a 5 ½” blued barrel with a color-case hardened frame and (aftermarket) one piece, presentation grade ivory grips. The revolver has a shiny bore and chambers, gently aged case colors and bright polished bluing on the barrel and cylinder. The action is smooth, the timing is correct, and it shoots very accurately.

One of the most sought after SAA models is the .38 Special, because it was discontinued from the line in 1964. Colt SAA revolvers made in 1956 are also more desirable because it was the first year of second generation production and the hand-fit quality was at its best. Colt made a total of 2,706 revolvers in .38 Special with 5 ½” barrels that year. This is an original from 1956, the serial number is in the 5000SA range, plus it has the matching 3 digit assembly numbers on the cylinder, loading gate and the rear of the frame.

The photos speak for themselves, showing a used, but well-cared for, second generation shooter, blued/color-cased frame and 1 piece ivory grips.
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