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Shopping around today I spotted a nice looking old 4" Python (really, they all look nice ain't it?). She was obviously kept in a holster and had the blue wear on the cylinder and barrel tube to prove it. The bluing left is very beautiful and there's about 75% of it remaining. The blue worn finish is smooth with only a couple of very minor and small areas of pitting on the cylinder edges. Cylinder lockup was tight and the timing appears perfect. No endshake or excessive cylinder to barrel gap. Glass smooth action, serial number that identifies it as being from 1961 and a hollow underlug. Price two weeks ago was $650. Today the price was dropped to $549 and I haggled it down to $480 + tax. Good heavens, now I got a superb shooting condition Python on the way in 3 weeks when I get it out of layaway status to hold me over while I have my 6 incher '67 Python reconditioned at Colts. This 4 incher will get sent in ASAP to Colt after the return of the other gun. Probably just have it reblued and have them check for small parts wear and tear and fix as needed. Keep yer eyes peeled, you never know where the next good deals will pop up!
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