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So after reading all the this is better than that and this revolver is the finest ever made I decided to do a little testing on a future date. I purchased a ransom rest and several grip adapters for various revolvers. My plan is to take at least five examples of each type of revolver submitted and test them for accuracy, trigger pull, and bullet velocity. I have the ransom on the way, a chronograph and trigger scale. I have a lot of pistols, but do not have enough to do the 5 of each variation, and may have to cut that down to 3 or so of each model and barrel length.

For an example of what I would like to test;
6" python blue
6" python ss
4" python blue
4" python ss
4" KC
6" S&W 27
4" S&W 27
4" 19
6" 19

etc, etc.

I would like to just take a day and get some people together and do a verified range report of the findings. Find out who truly has bragging rights and in which dept. While we can never all agree on which pistol has the best appearance or handling qualities (since these are individual preferences) we can settle some of the other questions. Just a simple good natured get together and informational gathering session. Anyone interested? I can do this alone but would obviously have lest test subjects, fun, and it would not be verified information.

Located in Missouri
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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