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Good week for gathering Colts

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Had a pretty good week gathering Colts. Last week I purchased a OMM 22 Target circa 1948 so a birth year gun for me. Will post pix when it arrives. Then I drove over to see and old friend in College Station Texas and came home with a 1952 vintage Government Model in 45ACP @ about 99% and a 1970 vintage 38 Super @ about 97%. I had an extra pair of medallion Ivories laying around so they went on the 38 Super taking off the medallion checkered wood grips.. On the none Colt front I also picked up a Rossi Model 62 round 23 inch barrel 22 rifle in 99% for under $200. I'm pretty happy right now.

What may look like flaws in the slide bluing is actually my reflection shooting the pics.

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Great looking guns. From what I can tell, beautiful grain in the ivory. Thanks for sharing. Dennis
Shoot, I've had years that weren't as productive, let alone weekends....
Looking closely at the '52 GM, looks as if you may need to trim your beard in places, lol. That bluing and polish is nice.
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