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I told myself I would never get caught into the "Buy it now or never see it again" BS that happened back in 2008.

I bought my Colt 6720 used because I was told the day before that Colt AR's were back ordered up to 6 months and when they do ship, the price will be msrp or over.
The very next day, after selling my 2008 "mistake" and another AR I had $900.00 burning a hole and I had LMT & STAG as AR backups if I could not find the 6920 I have always wanted. I drove back to the very shop the day before told me they had no Colts. Sold Out! On the shelf was a used, but never fired 6720. I liked the fact that not everyone would have a 6720 and this AR proved to be a keeper just after the first day at the range. So, I kept it.

BUT, I drive to that store today and in stock are Colt AR's! Sporter 6920, LE6920MP's and 6450's.
On check out, I made sure I voiced my opinion that it is not 2008 and perhaps the next time the buyer could get his story straight. There was more, but I wont bore you any longer.
As far as price was concerned, the Sporter was less money than what I paid for my used 6720!

Thanks for the rant.
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