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Gov't shutdown...background checks

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Looking for comments without things getting political........

Has anyone bought or tried to buy a firearm since the gov't shutdown? Is it impossible to get a background check or does it just take a lot longer?
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Local gun store stated they received email that they would still be able to do background checks. I did stop by sheriff's office and renewed my carry permit.
I picked a Colt nickel saa 38-40 yesterday in delay at all.
I picked up a ruger old model Blackhawk today. no problems.
Thanks for the replies...

first rumors and snickering from the media suggested that there would be a problem for citizens wanting to purchase firearms. Let's just leave it at that!
ATF wasn't answering their 800 number for requests for forms today, just a recording...
Law enforcement functions are not or are little impacted.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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