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Grandpa passed, looking for some advice about this Essex Arms SS 1911 .45

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Hey, first post here. Unfortunately my grandpa recently passed - he had many great firearms, though here is probably the worst one out of the collection.

Thanks to Revolverguy38's posts about this a few years ago, I was able to get a bit of info on Essex arms. This particular example was very early in the production run, as you can see by the serial.

Unfortunately, this thing shoots TERRIBLE. I pride myself on my shooting ability, but with this, you are hard pressed to even get it on a paper target from just 10 FEET away. It usually shoots super low and to the left, but not consistently (can rule out the sights being an issue?).

The slide has no markings on it, I believe it was original, just a cast "SS" which I can only assume refers to the stainless steel model. Further, the barrel has no markings at all.

I'm wondering where to start with this. I don't think the sights are an issue (Though I could be convinced otherwise). From what I've read, these slides and barrels were poor quality to begin with, so I'm wondering if next steps ought to be a barrel upgrade, or more.

Any input or advice would be appreciated - thanks!

Below are some photos. Tried to get some some quality pics so I apologize if you're browsing on mobile. Hopefully you enjoy the last photo, of a much better 1911 out of his collection
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Ok.... so, it's inaccurate but at least it groups poorly.:)

In cases such as this, for me, it's best to start eliminating externals first. I'd do this by shooting only factory ammunition. Have shooters in whom you have confidence also fire it and have closely comparable pistols shot by the same folk on the same day as a sort of 'test-group'.

Call it a poor-man's socially gratifying Ransom Rest.;)
Try first for consistency of grouping and if that can be achieved - address 'accuracy' with all the known physics of the situation.

If NO ONE can group ANY ammunition consistently - It's a whole 'nother can of worms as to how you want to approach it and then, the actual value of the pistol as it sits becomes the single most important factor.
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Sorry for your loss. If it doesn鈥檛 hold real sentimental value, send it down the road.
There you go. Pick your 'battles'.
I was named custodian and distributor of my Ol' Man's guns - which is to say at least 3 generations of family guns. I carefully noted what mattered to me most and then made sure my Brothers got what they wanted within my reasoning of the care that they would attend to in ownership.

The three that I kept are dearly cherished and used regularly, still.

I don't think that ANY of my Brothers still have the guns that they whined about so loudly at the time.
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