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Great Score

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Picked up this stunning Kobra Carry this past weekend. It came with grips on it and original's, 2 mags, and Ed Brown bag. Very nice gun, just have to make up my mind if I'm keeping it or not.

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Made my mind up and am going to keep it......Guys just because it's not a Colt, soesn't mean it's not a good gun. Thought I would get more replies....So Sad is me.
A nice looking gun and I bet it shoots really well. I am not familiar with the gun however.
Great looking pistol. I want one.

Most threads with a lot of replies wander off topic anyway. If you're after more replies tell the revolver guys your auto is superior. Or claim .45 acp is the best round for duck hunting.
nice pistol. You have been making some good finds as of late
How does it shoot? That should be the determining factor, IMO.
It shoots far better then I am capable of......Was joking about the replies, was jsut busting the chops of the Die Hard Colt guys.
my chops are busted.:( not really, nice gun. I just bought a springfield armory range officer 45 myself. I like the ed brown guns just too much dinero for me.
I like the bobtail 1911s. I need some range time with a high dollar 1911.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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