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Greetings from new member from Saint Louis

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I carry a Glock 27 but recently shot a friend's 1911 Commander at the range. Wow! I knew then and there that I needed to have this fine piece of craftsmanship! I just purchased a new 1911 Government XSE that I have not even received yet as it is getting shipped to my local FFL. I look forward to learning about this piece and other Colt firearms.

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Nodakgus, welcome to the Forum. Ask any question and you will hopefully get a response from members.
Welcome from Texas.
Hi Steve; welcome to the Colt Forum. Pics please, when the Colt comes in!
Welcome to the forum and THE ADDICTION!
Welcome to the forum and THE ADDICTION!
Welcome to the Forum, Steve. Parrisjr is right: Addiction is the word. Betcha can't own just one!
Welcome from snowy St. Louis. What range or club do you go to

And i love my combat elite Firearm Gun Trigger Airsoft gun Starting pistol
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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