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Greetings from WA state

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Hi all... just joined, from the wet side of WA state. I enjoy collecting and learning about the WW2 era, including weapons. My only Colt from that era is a Colt Commando in .38. I just bought a Python from a very nice member of this board, he led me here. Very nice site, I will enjoy learning more about Colt firearms!
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Welcome SteveWa to the COLT Forum!

I too am from the mossy part of the U.S. I'm in Snohomish Co. and pretty new to the COLT Forum as well.
I have only one colt a 1925 POLICE POSITIVE in .32 cal. I spent the money and bough it from the Cabels'$ Library.
I also have two WWII arms an RC 1944 Mauser K98k and a really nice 1943 REMINGTON RAND M1911A1.

I got the COLT PP .32 back in April '13 and have not shot it yet. But getting qualitative feedback from
the experienced COLT Forum members I have learned that its ok to shoot it.
It should not depreciate the value of this "pristine" G-Man colt.

I've been reading and looking in this Forum that the COLT Python are extraordinary and powerful guns.
Have you posted pictures of the COLT Python yet on this forum?
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Hi Steve, welcome to the Colt Forum, glad you found us.
Welcome to the forum from the east coast!
Welcome to the Colt forum from sunny Arizona. :)
Welcome to the colt forum from the state of georgia.
Welcome to the Colt Forum from TN.
Welcome from the dry side of WA state....Spokane. This is the best forum...
Hello, Steve, and welcome to the Forum. Thank you for your military service to our great nation. You'll have plenty of great company here to share your WWII interests with. Enjoy!
Thanks all, looks like a great place! Here is the Python, it was made in 81. It is the high point of my fledgling revolver collection for sure! I can't believe how it locks up so solidly.
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Welcome to the Forum! Is that Python an e-nickel?
It is. Previous owner got the Colt letter. Finish is ColtGuard. I have never had a nickel plated gun before. Interesting contrast to SS.
Welcome from the SW section of the state! Great looking Python!
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