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First Colt I saw as a kid was a no finish, grey, gun. Thought that was normal for years. I didn't even know what actual color case looked like until I was an adult. Often as not, I use that same grey gun today to judge the next Colt purchase.

I've owned a fair number of new blued and cased Colts. But it takes a 1st Gen with virtually no finish, to really have some soul for me. That helps me stay away from the high condition guns and the $ involved.

Not to everyone's taste for sure. Might be considered an affliction or addiction, not sure which. Picked up this 1903, rebarreled .45 today. I like rebuilding them to new internally almost as much as I like shooting, or may be even as much fun, just staring at them and daydreaming 馃槑

Saving, beater,1st Gens guns, one at a time.
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Let's see your version of a Colt "grey gun"?

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My treasure even if a "little worn" 1905 production in 38wcf, aka 38-40. This is a Beaumont gun from the Spindletop Oil Boom, black gold or Texas tea when the population exploded to 50,000 oil field workers. Saloons, cat houses, gambling joints and other elements. This gun never strayed more than a 100 miles or more from Spindletop. It's wearing every bit of grey and rust pitting with pride.

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I have 3 Colts that were gray. The first was a first generation 38WCF that what remained of the finish was scrubbed off. The second was a second generation that was obviously scrubbed of finish. I couldn't stand the abuse. Lever Acton Bill refinished them and made repairs.
This spring I came across another first generation in 32WCF. No finish remained but looked like it got there by natural causes. I was happy to leave it like that but my son seen it and wanted to get it refinished. So it's with Lever Acton Bill now.

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The second generation. You can see it probably would have had a lot of blue before the road kill treatment.
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