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\"Grip Adapter\" for Woodsman

First post on the semi auto section,but I have "a few" on the Revolvers. Don't collect/ shoot semi autos,and have only revolvers.

Picked up a bunch of grip adapters(Pachmayrs) for Colt and S&W revolvers,and one was strange,having no spring clip,and was the same "Coltwood" colored plastic as their post war stocks were.

Research in older catalogs,showed it to be for a Woodsman,2nd model,I think. Has a hole for a screw,but no screw with it. From looking at the schematic of the Woodsman,can't see where it would attach to an existing screw,so guess one must be drilled,tapped???. 2 5/8" long,about 3/8" wide. Excellent shape;looks new. NO PICS,as NO Camera set up.

Would like $10.00,which includes mailing.


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