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Joking aside, this is serious business whether it's a parking ticket or a murder.
I don't know how it is in other areas, but they make an effort to pick good citizens around here, not idiots.
One thing I can guarantee you, get picked for a murder or other serious felony trial and your head goes UP REAL FAST, when you realize the gravity of it.
All those people who brag about how they'll deal with a trial suddenly get a wake up call.

I'm sorry, I have little respect for people who deliberately attempt to avoid being picked. This is how we protect our freedom, and it's sickening how these same people complain about stupid verdicts. If they'd done their job as a citizen these things wouldn't happen.

I was in a gay murder trial, and two child sexual abuse trials, one as the Foreman.
We all knew the abuse defendants were guilty as Hell, but as responsible citizens we had no choice but to find both not guilty because these people are smart enough to make sure it's their word against the child with no other eye witnesses, and they know exactly what lawyer to hire who can destroy a child in pre-trial depositions and on the stand.
If you have reasonable doubt, you have no choice.

Some of the other jurors split as soon as possible after the trial but a few of us hung around to talk to the prosecutor. In the case where I was the foreman he told us this was the creeps second time at bat. The first time his lawyer so intimidated the family and child they fled the state to avoid having to be in a trial.
You're not allowed to hear this because he wasn't on trial for THAT time.

That makes you sick, knowing he's going to do it again, but you have to follow the rules. You have to go by the evidence presented to you and do your sworn duty, even as you hold your nose.
The fact is, you find out after the trial that most evidence of guilt is prevented from being presented to the jury.

But, the jury trial of your peers is a major reason America is still free and has a justice system that's seriously flawed, but still the envy of the world.

After the last trial where I was the Foreman, I was leaving the courthouse and was waiting for the elevator when the former defendant and his wife and lawyer walked up.
The creep thanked me for finding him "innocent" as he put it.
I couldn't help myself, I snarled "KISS MY A**" and was going to follow that up with some more choice words, but his lawyer grabbed his arm and I swear the creeps feet never touched the floor as his lawyer almost carried him at a run down the hall.

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Amen to MarkinTx's comment. On my last jury duty call concerning an "accidental" shooting with a single barrel shotgun, the first question the defense attorney asked was,"How many of you own a gun." My hand went up along with about 5 others and we were all immediately dismissed. I have been on a few juries and the system leaves a lot to be desired, but I don't know of a better system.
At 59 years of age, I have been called several times for local and district court jury duty. Almost 40 years ago I was an MP for three years. Almost every time I am asked if I have any law enforcement experience, Army MP; I have never served on a jury and I, actually, would like to.

Swamprat, I am new to this forum and am not famiar with your work on grips. Do you refinish/restore S&W grips as well as Colt
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