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Gun Collection pics : Update

Another photo from the Australian collection...
Still high res, this one hopefully fits the page better.

Collection owner Ken, noticed a forum report of a wooden
Patterson recently sold in the US.

Concerned to highlight the matchless quality of the work in
his collection - & the "Patterson" in particular, Ken sent
me the following message : :)

When we did the Collectors TV program, we got comments
like "I have being doing this type of work for years!" One
person from Wood products Gallery said he was selling his
own to the USA for $8000 each...

On viewing the collection display however, where just one
set was for sale, he immediately bought the Remington for
$10,000 US (...was close to 20,000 au dollars at the time).
His own were certainly nothing like any in the Lewitzka collection.
Can you post a picture of the cased Patterson to show zulu6
what a wooden Patterson and accessories should look like?
Tell him the Powder flask/bullet holder actually loads the wooden revolver...
that should knock the socks off him.

The guns are no longer on display - until they're sold,
any interested forum members planning to visit Australia
might let me know and I will arrange with Ken, for a
personal viewing of the 14 set collection.

regards Col M (updates May 3rd and May 22)


Gun Collection pics ?

(See COLT REVOLVERS: my first "Gun Collection" post #76846 - 04/13/08 10:52 AM )

Colt revolvers -
and the Webley too !!!
... reported cost of the wood to make it?
Around $500 says Mr Talbot (the gunsmith).

Some higher res photos, better for Zooming in on ...

I haven't seen the collection - simply sharing photos & details as I receive them from interstate.

The more time I spend looking at what you guys buy and so proudly own, the
more I come to appreciate why there's such an attraction.

R A Talbot's works of art pay tribute to that.

As I understand it, photos will include some taken a few years ago by Ken, the gun collection owner.
A photographic record of items in the collection was needed.
Digital cameras like today's sophisticated models were simply not available;
A "professional" was engaged to create quality images for the benefit of overseas collectors wishing to
scrutinize the finer details of Talbot's work.

As sets were produced, the celebrated Australian gunsmith would bring them along to Ken for that purpose.

Ken could not believe what he was witnessing. Fortunately, he was able to persuade Mr Talbot over time to
duplicate all 14 sets/models the gunsmith had ever produced, so that a complete collection could be assembled.

The Webley:
After 1810, in order to facilitate maintenance of weapons in use, the British Army made sure that
detailed blueprints were kept.
Through association with British collectors, our gunsmith gained access to Small Arms Information Drawings (SAID).

For the Webley, these were to scale and complete with all measurements.

Using their detailed dismantling and assembly instructions, Mr Talbot was able to recreate each part and assemble a fully functional Webley revolver - albeit with Wooden Bullets!
The bayonet & detachable shoulder stock add further interest.

Good aren't they?

More info at


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Can you post a picture of the cased Patterson to show zulu6
what a wooden Patterson and accessories should look like?

[/ QUOTE ]

Alas I have no picture of the Paterson sold at the TGCA auction, Col. Maybe the show photographer made one, and if so, I shall post a copy later.

That pistol is not cased and has no accessories or accoutrements accompanying it, but it is finished unlike the beauties above which have been "left in the white", as it were.

The story behind the TGCA gun was that it was made by a well known model maker. It is suspected that it was likely to be sold to a nefarious maker of "replica" firearms so realistic that the unsuspecting and inexperienced would not know one from an original. True story? I have no idea ~ but nothing surprises me in the world of collecting these days.

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No danger that Mr talbot's work will be used inappropriately I imagine.
And yet there is a pic of him with a pair of dragoons(?) that leaves one with the impression they are "real".
Finally got a passable "video" on youtube showing the gunsmith's work -
Hope you like it (my piano playing too ...)
GunCollection2 on youtube
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