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I have found the asking prices to be so much higher at GunsAmerica then at Gunbrokers (note: as a disclaimer, my comparisons have only been looking at Colt 2nd generation BPs). For example, a 2nd generation 1860 Army Stainless Steel is currently going for $1295 at GunsAmerica while a similar item will normally go on GunBroker for $925-$1000. A dual set 1860 Army Cavalry will go for $2000-$2500 at GunsAmerica while a similar, pristine set will post for $1250 on Gunbrokers. Now, I am not questioning anybody's right to put a price tag on an item to whatever amount that they feel is right, or a buyer paying whatever price he/she can afford, or anyone shopping wherever they want, I am just somewhat surprised by the big pricing disparity of similar items between the two sites. What am I not seeing that has people paying these 50-100% premiums at GunsAmerica? I can understand rarity, but on 'common' items.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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