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I've bought a few guns from sellers on Gun Broker. There were two transactions, out of many, that had problems. They appeared to be honest mistakes made in the description. When I contacted the seller, we were able to come to an agreeable compromise.

Definitely check feedback and the shipping price, if posted. I saw a gun with an attractive selling price that had a price of $55.00 for shipping. That seemed a bit high to me.

Be careful to check the photos closely and don't buy a gun without pictures posted. The more pictures the better.

Also, get a copy of Blue Book and compare prices of similar guns on GB and other sites. Like they used to say in the Coin Collecting business, "Buy the book first." Do your homework. Read up on the guns that interest you and learn as much as you can.

Don't waste your time with reserve price auctions, unless there's a buy it now price. I've found these postings to be generally over priced by my standards.

Finally, unless you have a C&R or Dealer license, remember you'll have to pay a dealer to transfer the gun to you. In my area, this can add $25 to $50 to the selling price.

Hope this helps.
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