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AuctionArms has a mandatory inspection return policy, but Gunbroker does not, so that arrangement must be made with the seller, when dealing through Gunbroker. As already stated, ask lots of questions, and expect complete answers. If questions are ignored, or answers vague, repeat the questions. Anyone refusing to give complete answers, or claims to be too busy, should send up a big red flag...move on!
Look closely at feedback. You can usually see a trend in how the guy operates, and avoid him if you see a pattern of misconduct. The sites claim to toss the offenders, but it takes several bad reports over a given time period, and they are slow to act, so there are some real crooks still operating.
Watch for outrageous shipping and handling fees. If the amount is not posted, ask!
I've racked up nearly 300 transactions across Gunbroker, Auctionarms, and flea-bay, and the only time I've been taken to the cleaners, was my own fault. I broke my own rules and didn't ask the questions on a set of Sig 210 grips that turned out to be junk. As always...Caveat emptor.
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