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Does anyone have experience with

I see what appear to be some very good deals there but am concerned with buying sight unseen.

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Most importantly, ask lots of questions up front before you bid. Ask for more pictures if necessary, but remember, computer .jpg pictures can be somewhat deceptive. So I go back to "Ask lots of questions" until you are positive of what you are going to purchase.

I am not a big fan of auctions. It has nothing to do with the merchandise. I just don't like the idea of "reserves" and not knowing what someone really wants for an item. I hardly ever look at auctions with undisclosed "reserves". If it's something I really want, I usually wait to see if someone meets the reserve so I know what the seller is asking, but by that time it's usually more than I am willing to spend. Be careful because alot of these are very inflated prices.

I watch "no reserve" auctions all the time. They sell like hotcakes!
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