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Gunbroker Nightmare story with happy ending. I hope.

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I purchased this PP that was is about 60% condition. I had no use for the gun but I purchased it for the pearls with deep dish medallions. My FFL dealer is one of by best friends. So he calles me when it arrives and tells me... Ahhhh we cant accept this gun. It has the SN ground off it. And yes the guy I purchased from was a brick and mortar FFL dealer!!!!! So I call they guy and ask him what the heck?? The gun had a PD # stamped on the butt and he claims he thought that was the SN. He then asked me where should the SN be located. So I explain to him where it should be. Then..... get this, he asked if I am interested in any more colts..said he has about 20 in his shop. I wanted to scream you lying piece of x#%#%%^. How the #%#%#% did you record all the other SN if you didnt know where it was????? But I bit my tong. Not to mention forcing cone was broken and he advertized it in good condition. So I explained I only bought it for the grips, and would like to get a refund for the gun and keep the grips. So he agreed to send me back 100 of the 300 I paid. Well, he now has the gun back..and I will see if a check shows up.

And the prize.

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You might ask this FFL Dealer, what model Dremel he recommends.

Looks like this was done last week or so.

Nice old Pearlies though!
If he gives you a hassle over the refund, I might get on the phone to BATFE about it.
I bet the original serial number is probably still stamped inside the side plate. Even if it is this would probably still constitute an altered serial number gun -- not exactly sure. Maybe some of the forum FFL dealers can say for sure. The seller sounds like a real piece of work. Very nice MOP stocks no matter what. I think even at $300 they would be worth it. Good luck.
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Nasty story but..............those pearls are to die for.
There is no excuse I can imagine, for a Dealer FFL or any kind of FFL to sell a Revolver with the Serial Number Ground-out like that.

And no excuse for them to claim they thought the Serial Number was some Police or other Inventory Number on the Butt ( especially for having no doubt, looked the Revolver over, and seen ground-away areas where a Colt Serial Number would be, for most all of the last Century or so ).

So, in my mind, I do not lean toward giving this Dealer FFL 'seller any 'Benefit of the Doubt' on this matter.

And, I am amazed he would even imagine or take the gamble, that the Buyer would not immediately notice???

Even if you don't get your refund, those beautiful grips are probably worth the $300, (but not the aggravation!)
Thanks for comments.. I did recieve my 100.00 refund today. All is well.
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