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Now would be a good time to express your outrage at the mess the Media and the Democratic Party machine have made in trying to fix this Election for Al Gore!

The media has such a low opinion of us that they think we don't know how easy it is to fix an election by manipulating machine ballots by hand - bend an opponent's ballot when "examining it" up to the light, of course, and darn, out popped a "chad", sorry, it's a spoiled ballot now - if it was originally punched for Bush.

In addition, the now "monopoly" radio station owners have picked this crisis to purge as many conservative talk show hosts from their stations as possible. ABC/Disney fired Matt Drudge - "too controversial" for speaking freely about the Election, and Conservative Democrat Bob Just was just replaced in our local market - both this week! I think the Media moguls (mongrels?) want to head off criticism of their corronation of Goofy Al and Company, so this week starts preemptive strikes at conservatives on the nation's airwaves.

Checkout (Matt Drudge) and for late breaking news about outright Election Fraud - new news items come to light daily. Your gun rights are hanging by a thread, friends - express yourselves to those who need to feel the heat. Col. Colt

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