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Rent and Overhead vis-a-vie income have been my main frustration when poised to be buying an old Gun I have come across.

I would gladly eat Beans and Rice for a few months, or scrimp however to, do without just about anything, to pull it off, but, the routine Bills are the killer.

One which comes to mind, 90+ percent Merwin Hulbert Pocket Army in a local Gun Show. Last day of the Show, and, the Show had JUST closed, security had not coaxed out the last few stragglers, ( most dealers already packed up and gone or packing up to leave ) had a Price Tag on it $2,400.00...line through the Price, then $1,800.00 was written, line through that, $1,400.00. ( Three years ago I think ).

I examine it, looked just about brand new, Nickel Plate was just pristine. The Mechanism was goofed up somehow, binding internally, and would not cycle or cock. Open Top Model...

I ask Seller "Well? What is the next price when you cross out the last one?" He says $1,200.00.

I asked " Are you about to corss out the last one?" and he says "Sure, why not..."

I reasoned, this is a low LOW Mileage Revolver, most likely some secondary Spring had broken or come loose or something I could repair without hardship or disappointment.

If I got it, I would have Hell To Pay trying to invent $ in the short time left to Month's End, for Rent and so on...but, I reckoned I would likely never see one this nice ever again for such an affordable price...

And, I walked...I did not get it.

And as it was, Rent, Storage, Car Insurance, Power Bill, Phone Bill, all were due the following week and I had hell to pay just making those, without having spent the $1,200.00 on the MH.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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