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Bugs me a lot thinking about guns I didn't buy. I've regrets paying too much or selling too cheap but at least I had the gun for a while. No way to rationalize why I didn't buy, always for some trivial reason such as haggling & wouldn't pony up another ten or fifty dollars to meet his price.

Quite a few of them but my worst was ca. 1950 in France at a street market, a Colt Brevet Paterson carbine for about $100 with quite a lot of original finish. Colt Brevet was the French equivalent of Colt Patent, probably before it was common to just make pirate Colt copies. I knew a Paterson Colt was a great rarity but decided to walk around the market with my wife and think about it. Somehow, the next time it came to mind was when I was someplace else.

Offered as fodder for other experience & commentary.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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