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I'm probably wasting everyones time here, but here goes nuttin'.
This may sound strange, and I don't know if it's against any rules or anything, but what if we did a Revolver a month club ?
Now hear me out here.
If we had say 100-110 members, all willing to pitch in say $10 each month. We would have $1000-$1100 each month to purchase one Colt Revolver.

We would need to have a majority vote on the gun for the month.

That gun every month would go to one of the 100 members in the club. You could not win more than 1 gun a year, but you would still be liable for your Years dues of $120.
So, you would have a 12 in 100 chance to win a collectable Colt each year.
If a gun is purchased for $750 and shipping was $30, that winner would also earn $220 cash back as well.
Now, maybe for Christmas, we could make it a $20 month.
That would be the final kicker for the year and we would spend up to $2000. Maybe we would have to allow all the previous winners in on that one too. I dunno yet. More rules would have to be put in place.
Does anyone think this would be a cool idea, or just a GUN-KWAZY idea ?

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