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Hand made grips for my 1895 SAA

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I didn't like the lame fake stag grips that the previous owner put on this gun, so I decided to make someof my own.... These are hand made by me from solid birch. The inlayed coins are 1895 Indian Head Pennies (heads and tails).


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Wow, great work. I bet they fit your hand perfectly as well. Looking good Billy Ray! Feeling good Louis!
Whole new meaning to "Let's flip a coin!"

Nice looking!

Bob Wright
Very unique and well done! How did you learn to make grips on your own? I'm intrigued to learn this craft.
Gave you a "like" for DIY. From someone big on DIY, I wish I could give you more than one 'like'.
Thanks guys! I'm working on another pair right now. The new ones are going to be more of target grips with a thumb rest and finger grooves! I know it's not traditional, but they will be more challenging to create!
Oh, and I'm making some 1911 grips! I want to find some WWI or WWII military pins to inlay. Or, maybe I'll engrave something! Idk yet
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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