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A distant relative of mine just turned 21 today and came to show me his birthday gift from his Dad.
We're not too clear on just HOW the family and mine is related, but we are.

Joe's Dad took him out to a local popular blue-collar bar for his first legal drink, even though nether is much of a drinker.

After a drink Bob gave his son a yellowed brittle envelope and told him it was his 21st birthday gift.

When Joe opened it, he found nothing but a odd type of key.
Bob said they'd go use the key, and took Joe down to a local bank.

The key fit a safety deposit box.
When Joe opened the box, he found a brand new, in the box blued steel Colt Python.

Bob went out on the day his son was born 21 years ago today, and bought the Python.
He applied a coat of lube, dropped some desiccant into the deposit box, and put the key in an envelope to save for 21 years.

Now THAT is not only a great birthday present, it's a heirloom of great value to Joe.
I've heard of men buying a bottle of high-grade whiskey to put away for their son, but this will last a lot longer.

Some people just seem to have more class than others.

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What a wonderful gift from a loving father! That's a great story, and maybe it'll even inspire those of us who are still having kids! (Hmm. I might get a grandson one of these days... /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif)

Edited to add: Then again, they don't make Pythons anymore, darn it. And I don't like the modern, current production guns much anyway... /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif
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