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I've won several auctions on GB and what I've learned is; decide what the top amount you're willing to pay, bid it and wait. The bid will only show the next $5 increment, but you will be protected by others outbidding you up to your set limit. If I'm outbid at that point, no sweat, it's more than I wanted to pay anyway. I also wait until at least the last hour of bidding to see if it goes past my limit before I bother to put the bid in.
If it's a fair buy now price, I do it rather than lose it. If no bids and the starting price is about what I will pay, I wait till just outside the 15 min rule before giving it a try...that works sometimes too. Some guys wait to 1 min before end of auction and start the clock going again...stupid.

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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