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The plunger pin combined with the slight ramping of the slide stop is to discourage slide stop engagement until the follower pushes it up. The difference in how much the safety end of the arrangement is pushed in between on and off safe is virtually nil, so I'm suspicious that the plunger spring is putting too much pressure on the slide stop end just because the safety is off.
If you take the gun apart and press on the slide stop plunger, does it move freely? Have you been able to apply a little lube with a needle oiler? The plunger and spring arrangement was not one of JMB's better ideas; I'm not aware of any other guns that borrowed it.
In any case, I'd lube it and work it in and out against spring pressure to see if it frees up somewhat.
Second question, does the slide stop actually engage when you are shooting, or is this all a dry-cycling issue? As I'm sure you know, the plunger tube is peened in place, so removing and replacing it may well require a 'smith and tools.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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