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Hello from Arizona

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I live in Bisbee and today traded a Beretta Nano for a 1961 Detective Special. It's the first Colt I've
ever owned.
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Great gun. How about pictures? We all love them. Welcome to the Colt Forum from TN.
Hello and welcome to the Colt Forum and congrats on your DS!
Welcome aboard from WI!
Welcom to the how many Bisbee shipped single actions have you seen? How about the Copper Queen guard badge I have as an avatar?
The DS is a great Colt. I am sure you will enjoy it. Welcome from another AZ Colt guy.
Trapdoor, great avatar. I believe I saw one of those in the Bisbee Mining Museum.

I'll have to pass on the Bisbee shipped single actions. I'm currently an Arizona Ranger attached to the Bisbee Police Dept. so I've got one of those badges. I'll have to photograph it and post a shot.

PS: I just read part of your research project on Arizona shipped SA revolvers. Now I know what you meant. I'll start asking around.
Welcome from up in Glendale! My friend who's with CBP is an occasional volunteer guide at the Copper Queen mine tour.

Welcome from another Zonie.....Love the DS , I have a 1964 vintage DS in Nickle. I purchased it from a Ret. Milwaukee County Deputy back in the early 90s.
Apparently the DS is sort of rare? Most of the folks around here have never even seen one. I may have the only one in town, although a rancher out in the valley, who is a gun collector, has three.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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