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Hello from east central Florida .

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So glad I found this great forum , looking forward to some awesome advise . To start with I am an Avid Talo 1911 collector and haven't found one yet I didn't want to take home . Second is more of a question which I will expand on when time permits . I was lucky enough to be given a 4 in royal blue 1962 Python from my grandfather which I have never shot . It is just starting to show a light wheel mark other then that it's perfect . I would love some advice on its value and the best place to sell or trade it for something I will actually shoot. If this is the wrong place for this question let me apologize in advance . Thank you all for the future guidance and great advice . Will
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Welcome fellow Floridain, this is a great site with a lot of knowledgable people so enjoy. We have a rule here, you have to give your Python to the first person who replies to your first post so here I am I will PM you my shipping address. Well I am kidding but you can't blame me for trying :) I have all single actions and would love a Python but I am not experienced enough to give you the value of yours so someone else can advise you of that. You don't have to apoligize for asking questions, enjoy the site and good luck.

Jim - Orlando
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Welcome to the Forum, Will, from one "Cracker" to another! We're glad you found the Forum, too. I just kinda stumbled in here myself a couple years ago. A great place for all things Colt, with lots of helpful advice. I might suggest that you post your Python in the Revolver sub-forum for greater exposure. Also, pix are a tremendous help. Enjoy the ride!
Thank you all , and glad to see humor is more than welcome here . I was born in Jacksonville and been moving south ever since so a Cracker I must be lol
Welcome from Central Florida...Jim
Hello and welcome to the Colt Forum. In answer to your question, perhaps the best place to discuss what to do with your Python would be the Python Subforum, here: Python

Be sure to include sharp photos and if you need any help let us know.
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