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Help me date my MKIII Lawman Snub?

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Dug this back out after it being in a drawer for a few years and am starting to clean it back up. Can someone help me with a year of mfg for this, the Colt site doesn't tell me anything. Do these things currently have any value? Serial is 35274U

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Check the number again, something is missing.
All Mark III revolvers have a letter with the serial number, either as a prefix or suffix, none were just numbers.
Apologies, I had to look again and thought the u was a 0
Thanks mafd. I gave 250 for this thing about 5 years ago. I always found it odd that it had gold medallions rather than silver
1976 was the transition year on the MKIII from silver to gold medallions. MKIII's made in 1976 can be found with silver or gold medallions and '77 up had gold. Your MKIII has the correct stocks and medallions. :D
Rob,as far as the value I'll double your money and include a great big smile on my end.D*
Just sold one for $800. No box or paperwork. They sure are purdy when all shined up.
Boy that's a gorgeous gun! I do like nickel, 2 of my 3 Colts are, a 70 series Government and a 4" Python. They're shooters, but I don't shoot much anymore, usually take my Smith 581 and 29. Sorry for the blasphemous post! Love y'all, mean it.
I wish I had bought one back when they were reasonable. I don't generally buy Colts made after the 1940s but I've always wanted one of those. They are such a good looking gun.
You'd have no trouble getting $800+ for that piece. Even 5 years ago though $250 was a steal.
Wanna trade something for it? :)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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