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Need any info you may have or know on a Gold Cup Trophy.

I went nuts last weekend and bought one. And wondering what is the difference in a Regular Gold Cup ad A TROPHY? What is the Difference in a Gold Cup National Match and a TROPHY?

What makes a TROPHY any different?

This one is stainless and I love it! I haven't had a chance to shoot it, but the factory test target is UN-REAL! I think its 5 shots and you can lay a dime over the group.

I just installed a set of Crimson Trace rubber wrap around 301's on it and it ought to be one heck of a combo.

Also, it came with an extra recoil spring. What is the spring weight of the one it has in it? What is the weight of the extra? What is the best "WEIGHT" for just regular Factory Hard Ball?

Again Thanks For Any Info any of you may know!


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