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Help preserving guns in a gun safe when basement floor is flooded

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Heavy rains recently flooded our basement, and however the water got in, it told its friends. Comparatively modest rain has continued to get in, creating an almost chronically wet floor. We have a dehumidifier and two fans going but the air is dank.

I have a "Goldenrod" and some "Super VCI plugs" in the safe. These are marginal to begin with, but I haven't had this problem before.
I doubt either one can deal with the air exchange that takes place when opening the door.

I'm half tempted to spray everything with LPS2. Just kidding. Maybe.

Perhaps a couple pounds of absorbent packs?
It's not that I have a large collection, but I don't know of anyone nearby who could take what I have for a while. One is a Class III weapon and can't go anyway.
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I'm sorry to hear of your rain issue though I wish we had the same problem, the rain not the flooding. Aside from the goldenrod and the VCI plugs your best bet is to insure that all your firearm are coated in oil, in this case perhaps more so than normal due to the moisture. Eezox not only serves as a cleaner and protectant but once it dries it effectively blocks moisture better than most gun products though MC3000 or the Moisture Vapor barrier for long term storage bags would most likely be your best bet. Basements can be, depending on locale, a firearm's worst enemy due to the trapped moisture. Hope this helps a bit without having to build an Ark ;)
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