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Help preserving guns in a gun safe when basement floor is flooded

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Heavy rains recently flooded our basement, and however the water got in, it told its friends. Comparatively modest rain has continued to get in, creating an almost chronically wet floor. We have a dehumidifier and two fans going but the air is dank.

I have a "Goldenrod" and some "Super VCI plugs" in the safe. These are marginal to begin with, but I haven't had this problem before.
I doubt either one can deal with the air exchange that takes place when opening the door.

I'm half tempted to spray everything with LPS2. Just kidding. Maybe.

Perhaps a couple pounds of absorbent packs?
It's not that I have a large collection, but I don't know of anyone nearby who could take what I have for a while. One is a Class III weapon and can't go anyway.
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If it were me, I'd get everything out of the safe and upstairs. Disassemble and dry/clean well and leave them upstairs till you get the basement under control. I have some experience with wet basements and I know it's no fun. That moist air can cause mold that will grow on anything. When you get the basement dry, and before putting your guns back in, I'd put a bunch of absorbent packs in the safe along with your plug in ones and let them work for a while with the door shut. Or you could let a fan blow in on the open safe for several days. I did this once when one of my safes got rained on when I was bringing it home. The carpet got wet inside and I just let a box fan blow in there for about a week before I put anything in it. But the safe was upstairs, so I was blowing dry air, I don't know if that'd work for you downstairs.

If you can't or don't want to leave the guns out of the safe for any length of time, then oil them generously and hope for the best. And mabey buy another dehumidifier or two.
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