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Help preserving guns in a gun safe when basement floor is flooded

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Heavy rains recently flooded our basement, and however the water got in, it told its friends. Comparatively modest rain has continued to get in, creating an almost chronically wet floor. We have a dehumidifier and two fans going but the air is dank.

I have a "Goldenrod" and some "Super VCI plugs" in the safe. These are marginal to begin with, but I haven't had this problem before.
I doubt either one can deal with the air exchange that takes place when opening the door.

I'm half tempted to spray everything with LPS2. Just kidding. Maybe.

Perhaps a couple pounds of absorbent packs?
It's not that I have a large collection, but I don't know of anyone nearby who could take what I have for a while. One is a Class III weapon and can't go anyway.
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Best answer is to seal the guns in VCPI bags.
This will totally prevent rust for at least 10 years, and is what the military use to store guns.

You can buy sheets of "Gun Wrap" VCPI paper and special plastic bags or vacuum pack bags with the VCPI already in them from Brownell's.
This will work a LOT better than slathering them with grease or depending on dehumidifier chemicals. Since the gun is sealed in it's own rust preventing environment, each gun has it's own individual protection that won't fail.

NOTE: DO NOT use ordinary plastic bags of any sort. They all pass moisture. The special bags are made of a "hard" plastic that won't pass moisture of allow the VCPI vapor to escape.

GUNWRAP? PAPER | Brownells


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The Gun Wrap paper is treated with the VCPI chemical.
The paper gives off VCPI fumes that drives out moisture and surrounds the metal with the vapor.
As long as the bag is sealed the metal won't rust.

It says not good around aluminum but that's bare aluminum, not anodized aluminum as used on guns.

I recommend wiping the metal with a light coat of a good rust preventing product like CLP Breakfree to neutralize fingerprints then wrap with several sheets of the paper, put in the bag, squeeze out most of the air then seal tightly.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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