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Help preserving guns in a gun safe when basement floor is flooded

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Heavy rains recently flooded our basement, and however the water got in, it told its friends. Comparatively modest rain has continued to get in, creating an almost chronically wet floor. We have a dehumidifier and two fans going but the air is dank.

I have a "Goldenrod" and some "Super VCI plugs" in the safe. These are marginal to begin with, but I haven't had this problem before.
I doubt either one can deal with the air exchange that takes place when opening the door.

I'm half tempted to spray everything with LPS2. Just kidding. Maybe.

Perhaps a couple pounds of absorbent packs?
It's not that I have a large collection, but I don't know of anyone nearby who could take what I have for a while. One is a Class III weapon and can't go anyway.
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I like the idea of the VCPI bags, dfariswheel. I do have the safe on a mount about 4 inches off the floor as dogface6 recommends, so, got that covered. I'm not in danger of water entering the safe. And, as much as they are a pain to use, I'll get some large desiccant bags and just change them daily or so as I bag the guns. I don't feel I can leave the guns out anywhere, even though house robberies are very rare, here. Just too irresponsible because we can't always be home. I do know about not using regular plastic bags, though I didn't realize it was because they are porous.
Thanks, everybody. Now I've got a plan!
It's not clear to me from the Brownells website that the "Gunwrap" paper is treated wth VCPI. Do you know?
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