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Help Theres a MKIV Combat Elite available in Massachusetts

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Wants $1200. It is Mass so there tends to be a bit of a premium on anything rampant. It is w/ box and all original though.
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Wow $1.2K. Down here in the SW that would buy you a new Gold Cup. I would ask a good gun shop what it would take to order a new Colt 1911.
MiGS, I looked at the slide show and I think it's a rather nice looking weapon. $1200 may be a bit high here in the SW FL market also. However, things being what they are in MA (and you'd know better than most of us), you may have a deal in the making there. If this is for your collection, I say grab it. You'd have all the papers and original box to go with it, too. In any case, I don't think you'd lose anything over time. Colts only appreciate over time, ya know. JM2CW.
You know how long you have been looking. If you want it I would not think too long about it. maybe things will get better there, but maybe not.....
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