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Help with 2.5" Python 357

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Hello everybody and hope the new year is treating ya'll well. Just picked this baby up for a steal but unsure of the serial # for its age. One spot has the serial number with an N underneath and the other spot same number but no N, See pictures. I am also wondering what the B is for found on the left side behind the trigger. It has Pachmyr presentation grips. What would be the original grips? Thank you everyone for any and all help you might have. God Bless


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You have a 1968 mfg python. The "N" under the serial number and the "B" are assembler/inspector marks.

196873800 - 8999915,200
Wow thanks for the speedy reply!!! Thank you very much!!!:)
to answer your second question, no the original grips would have been wood service grips
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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