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My former agency did a small run of 130th year commemorative guns. Lucky for me, they chose one I don't have and went with the Henry Silver Big Boy in .38spl/.357mag. I'm a huge fan of the Henry products and own a safe full. This is the first Silver larger caliber rifle and wow is it stunning! It's pretty but, it was meant to shoot. I need to find some range time.

It was a small run and I was lucky enough to grab custom serial #5 - my old commemorative badge was #6.... one off...oh well.

No friggin clue why the pics are inserting upside down/sideways...they show just fine when I open them in the photo file. If anyone has an idea to steer me upright, please let me know. It's driving me nuts....
IMG_0039.JPG IMG_0038.JPG IMG_0037.JPG IMG_0040.JPG IMG_0041.JPG
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