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Hi from Happy Valley, UT

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Hi folks,
This forum comes very highly recommended from the good people at the SigForum. I'm looking for a 98% bright stainless (or second choice, nickel) Python as a gift for my father in law for Christmas, and was referred here. I have always loved Colts, and hope to buy my first SAA as soon as I sell a kidney (you only really need one, right? :D ). Most of my Colts are the old cap-and-ball variety, though I do have an SP-1, which is my favorite AR, a heavy barreled Officers Model Target, and a 1990s-era Stainless Combat Commander that my wife claims as hers (fantastic pistol). I also have a New Army/Navy in .41 that I don't shoot.

I went to the LGS with money in my hand intending to buy a new "series 70" stainless 1911 but after checking it out and the Dan Wesson Heritage next to it for about the same price, I got the DW. Hopefully I'll come across a nice blued series 70 Government model that wasn't built on a friday at some point. After I win the lottery. Fingers crossed! :rolleyes:
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Hi and welcome to the Colt Forum! It's really nice to have you here.

After you post 15 posts, getting to know the forum and your way around, you can post a want to buy (WTB) here: Want to Buy

And by the way, that would be a special gift for your father in law!!
Thank you, sir!
Welcome to the Forum, 1K. You'll enjoy the gang here and get lots of help finding that Python. Enjoy!
Welcome aboard. We will forgive you the DW purchase. I don't own one, but I hear they are well made.
Welcome and I hope you find the items you are looking for. But really now, isn't Happy Valley in Pennsylvania?

Thanks for the welcomes. Keystone set me up with a Stainless Python.
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