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Hi folks,
This forum comes very highly recommended from the good people at the SigForum. I'm looking for a 98% bright stainless (or second choice, nickel) Python as a gift for my father in law for Christmas, and was referred here. I have always loved Colts, and hope to buy my first SAA as soon as I sell a kidney (you only really need one, right? :D ). Most of my Colts are the old cap-and-ball variety, though I do have an SP-1, which is my favorite AR, a heavy barreled Officers Model Target, and a 1990s-era Stainless Combat Commander that my wife claims as hers (fantastic pistol). I also have a New Army/Navy in .41 that I don't shoot.

I went to the LGS with money in my hand intending to buy a new "series 70" stainless 1911 but after checking it out and the Dan Wesson Heritage next to it for about the same price, I got the DW. Hopefully I'll come across a nice blued series 70 Government model that wasn't built on a friday at some point. After I win the lottery. Fingers crossed! :rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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