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hi from luckyboat

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Thank you for the warm welcome, please excuse my lack of computer knowledge, I am not sure how to get around the colt forum. I am an old former marine with some knowledge of colts. I have an interesting colt saa late black powder, silvered, hand engraved in new york style. ser. # range 146xxx It has a single numeral 5 on the loading gate which has me puzzled. I am hoping to put it in the gallery as soon as I qualify. So ya all can possibly help me determine what it means. I am hoping it is # 5 of ? thanks again luckyboat
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Welcome to the forum, post your question in the Revolvers section to get the best answers, and pictures are helpful!
Welcome to the Colt Forum from TN. Could you post some pictures of the gun?
Welcome aboard from WI!
Wow that is a real beauty -- Welcome aboard!!!
Welcome aboard luckeyboat. The number on the loading gate is an assembly number and should match the frame when grips are removed. Very nice SAA.
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