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***********The Bianchi in the middle is sold,and I have edited the price on the Hunter holster and belt.**********

I have the following holsters for sale:

The one on the left is a Hunter model 1100-50 and fits a 7-1/2" Redhawk just fine. The belt is for that one and is 43" long (40" to the first hole, and 35" to the last hole) It has 25 loops that fit 44 Mg. ctgs.
Holster and belt is $50.
Seperately--$30 each.

The next one is a Bianchi model 5BH-L and fits a 6" GP100.
$30 It also fits a Colt OP 5" or 6".******Sold******

The one on the right is Brauer bros. holster and fits the Ruger Bearcat.

Shipping for each, or for all will be $7.50

email me at: [email protected]
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