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Holy Crap!...just detailed strip an 80 series NMGC Trophy

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What is up with all the parts and tiny spring with the sear disconnect assembly? that with all GCs? That was a complete PITA to reassemble...thank goodness for YouTube. Is that for safety or for trigger pull/break? Never seen the extra parts in my other series 80 pistols.
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Gold Cup's use a special sear with a helper spring due to the weight of the wide trigger they use.
Jp,for future reference,yes,all the National Match Gold Cups have that "sear depressor and sear depressor spring".In order to put it back in when reassembling, make a "blind pin" that will hold the parts in the sear while installing. That "blind pin" needs to be as long as the outsides of the sear but short enough to slide into the frame. Assemble the parts in the sear, slide that into place in the frame then push the "blind pin" out by installing the regular sear pin through the frame.I always disassemble those parts inside a plastic bag to keep from losing the "amazing disappearing spring". "Rotsa Ruck",Nick
EDIT: BTW the sear depressor and spring are not exclusive to the Series 80. They are in Series 70 & pre-Series 70 Nat'l Matches also. NR
We use Q-tips here at my shop cut with a dremel tool to hold everything together while sliding into the frame. The Diameter is perfect and you can make 5 of them out of 1 Q-tip. When you cut them with pliers or diagonals you crush them and then they are not so user friendly but when cut with a dremel they are Great.
Yep. I have several sear depressor springs. Most are somewhere around my work bench. A few more are safely in their original packaging from Brownell's. One is safely attached to my pre-70 GCNM. :) :) :)

PS - putting some grease in the little hole also keeps from launching the spring if things go a bit sideways.
Welcome to the old Gold Cup National Match guns. That trigger came out with the GCNM in 1957 and lasted till about 1996. In 1997 Colt introduced the Gold Cup Trophy with the wide Aluminum trigger and the wide Aluminum trigger is used in the new GCNM roundtop and GCNMs sold through Talo. Other makers like AMT in their Hardballer back in the 80s used wide steel triggers without the parts. I think Colt used wide steel triggers with no adjustment screw and no extra parts in some of what seemed like a million and one special editions in the 1990s.
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