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Oh man, I'm getting tired of cleaning up the mess in my other house..... sun-up to sun-down for over 2 straight weeks now. (OK, I took 1 Saturday off) 8 truckloads to the dump and another half dozen or so to the burn pile. Tore out all the carpeting today to get rid of the dogsh*t and urine smell..... half of this was new carpeting and the cleaning companies tell me there's no way to get rid of the awful stench other than replace it. Have to rip out the tub surround, install new sheetrock and install a new surround cuz, for some unknown reason, she painted right over it when she "repainted" the bathroom. Range is garbage, micro/convection oven is garbage, fridge may be salvageable, front door needs to be replaced, and on and on and on. Might be able to get it back on the market in about a month if everything goes right. The only offer I had on the place was $78,000.00 less than the asking price while she was living there..... I had no idea what she had done to it at the time, makes me want to sit down and cry..... really. That house has been in my family for 4 generations now (I've spent just over half of my life in it) and it just kills me to see it all neglected and run down like this. If a father were raising his kids in a pigsty like this, he'd be behind bars for child abuse and the kids would be in foster care..... what a country.

OK, I'm done whining now and I feel all better.
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