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How do I stop my soon-to-be-ex from...

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... selling off all my belongings? Man, since she kicked me out last October she's been selling things off right and left and all my attys (plural, fired the first one and hired a second) can tell me is, "It'll come out of her share of the marital estate." OK, so how do I prove that she actually did it? I can prove most of these items existed before the seperation, but I can't prove that she's disposing of items now. (as opposed to her claiming, "We sold those items last year.") This rather sucks, some of these items are heirlooms that have been in my family for at least 5 generations and came here from Scandinavia. I know the names of 2 people she sold some power tools to and one of my 4 Stihl chainsaws, but if they back her up or deny having these things..... (they're her friends after all)
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how about a court order or getting the court to allow an official stocktake of the items which are in dispute to prevent thier sale?
There's already a court order on effect, but the system doesn't seem much interested in emforcing it against a woman and part of the problem is I can't prove that she's doing it because of the above reasons. Our system is terribly biased in favor of the female.
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Unfortunately my solution is illegal.

Since you are part owner of the house why can't you go in there and get what is yours. Then you can declare it so it can be properly distributed.

I'm assuming you or your lawyer already thought of this though.

"Don't fear the Reaper"
If you don’t have a restraining order keeping you from your home get a video camera and start taping. Tape everything in the house, garage, barn, etc etc… Bring a newspaper and while taping get a good shot of the front page. This will prove the date of the taping was on the paper date or since then. Don’t turn off the tape til your done. Keep it rolling even while walking from structure to structure, this will prove the tape was filmed all at the same time. While taping talk to the tape, explain what the more important things are such as family heirlooms. And it wouldn’t hurt to talk about missing things like, “ see my three chainsaws there are suppose to be four”.

If this is an impossibility I suggest every time something new is missing you report it as stolen. This will give a dated report as of the time you believe it is missing. Any dated report will look good in court down the road. The authorities will question your x about the missing items and this might intimidate her to stop.

Just my opinion.
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